Senior Electrical Engineer

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Job Description:

Reyes Engineering is an award-winning Architectural Engineering firm with offices in Portland, Seattle, Honolulu, and Los Angeles. Our design services include electrical systems, architectural lighting and daylighting, fire safety and security, telecommunications and audiovisual, LEED strategy and documentation, and alternative energy source analysis for renewable energy solutions.

Reyes Engineering is looking for a Senior, PE-Certified Electrical Engineer to supervise Building Electrical Systems Design (BESD) projects. The Senior Electrical Engineer’s immediate focus of responsibility will be ensuring the project conforms to the scope of work and is completed within the allocated time and budget. The Senior Electrical Engineer must have the ability to manage several simultaneous projects. 

Summary of Job Responsibilities:

  • Designs safe, reliable, and up-to-code electrical systems for civil, architectural, and structural projects assigned to them. Works with Principal to develop / modify design standards and specifications.
  • Receives project assignments and fulfills the role of Project Manager.
  • Communicates effectively with internal and external teams.
  • Develops and maintains positive relationships with new and existing partners and clients.
  • Serve as an expert on BESD and remain current on systems advancements and building codes.


  • Must have BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited University.
  • Preferred 8 – 12 years of hands on experience in BESD using Revit and AutoCAD.
  • Must possess the PE credential in the state of Oregon, Washington, or California
  • Experience with NEC codes, LEED/WELL AP, energy tax credits and/or incentive/rebate programs is a plus.
  • Must have strong leadership skills

Why Work for Reyes?

  • Career autonomy. You will have abundant opportunity to explore your own strengths and interests while learning new skills without being pigeon-holed into one scope or project type.
  • No glass ceilings. Reyes is a small, but rapidly growing company with lots of room at the top. We are passionate about diversity and encourage you to define your own career path.
  • Compelling project work. From award-winning bridges and train stations, laboratories and performing arts buildings, to community parks and revitalization, you will have the chance to work on a varying range of project types.
  • Well-rounded company culture. We actively encourage staff at all levels to pursue their passions by providing continued education, training, and paid time to volunteer.
  • Actively engaged in healthy work-life balance. At Reyes we work hard to please our clients and keep up with our ever-changing industry, but we have a strong commitment to healthy work-life balance and understand busy versus burnout.

Complete List of Job Responsibilities:

  • Designs safe, reliable, and up-to-code electrical systems for civil, architectural, and structural projects.
  • Designs: Fire alarm systems, engineer lighting systems, structured cabling, security systems, renewable energy systems, and infrastructure design for telecom / low voltage signal systems.
  • Develops Division 26, 27 and 28 specifications.
  • Observes and analyzes existing systems and provides for appropriate design parameters.
  • Analyzes energy code check calculations and incentive/rebate program calculations.
  • Performs load flow and demand load panel schedules, short circuit calculations, selective coordination, and arc-flash studies using SKM software.
  • Models emergency and stand-by generators for non-linear loads, VFD and DC drives.
  • Checks work for technical accuracy and company standards.
  • Preforms voltage drop and induction heating calculations for feeders, duct banks, and branch circuits.
  • Stamps drawing prepared under his or her supervision and in his or her responsible charge.
  • Receives project assignments and Fulfills the role of Project Manager.
  • Calculates costs and develops time schedules for work.
  • Ensures project work is delivered on time, on budget, and of consistent quality and standards.
  • Performs site observations and prepares observation reports.
  • Reviews equipment submittals and O&M manuals for conformance to design documents.
  • Analyzes new product data and equipment for incorporation into specific designs.
  • Provides markups and/or design direction to designers and staffers.
  • Reviews monthly billing reports under direction of the principal.
  • Evaluates performance of electrical staff that are accountable to him/her.
  • Provides markups and/or design direction to designers and drafters.
  • Communicates effectively with internal and external teams.
  • Participates in selecting project team members, assigns duties and schedules for design and technical staff, and attends team meetings.
  • Prepares proposals, provides marketing support, and promotes the company.
  • Communicates any deviations from contracted scope to Principal in Charge.
  • Works with Principal to develop / modify design standards and specifications.
  • Assist in staff recruitment as required by management.
  • Maintains and develops a relationship with clients, partners, and other third parties
  • Coordinates work with clients and monitors technical staff work direction for conformance to scope / contract obligations.
  • Answers contractor’s questions and attends meetings when necessary.
  • Checks for scope creep.
  • Pursues collection of fees from clients when necessary.
  • Interprets contract documents to clients, contractors, and staff.
  • Actively contributes to Reyes Engineering business development by leveraging positive client relationships to bring in new projects and clients.
  • Serves as an in-house expert for BESD
  • Acts as a mentor and trainer to electrical staff.
  • Reviews engineering calculations performed by engineers and/or designers and evaluates their work.
  • Has a complete understanding of and helps to interpret building codes.
  • Recognizes potential liability problems and seeks management advice.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

At Reyes Engineering, our most valued resource is our people. We celebrate and promote diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees. Variety in perspectives leads to variety and creativity in project approach, and ultimately in better, more tailored systems solutions.  Reyes would not exist without our people and we work hard to give everyone the chance to contribute in meaningful ways.  If you want to make a difference in your community, we want to make a difference in your career.


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