PSU Student Health & Counseling Center

Portland, OR

12,000 sq Ft

Merryman Barnes Architects

Portland State University

Year Completed

2015 IES Portland Award for Interior Lighting

Reyes Engineering provided electrical engineering, telecommunications, fire alarm, nurse call systems, emergency generator, and award-winning interior lighting design for the expansion and remodel of this unique student health center at Portland State University. The Student Health & Counseling Center, commonly known as the SHAC, provides physical and mental health, dental services, and a variety of testing for Portland State University’s student population.

A noteworthy feature of the SHAC expansion is the new Mind Spa, an innovative space promoting improved mental health through biofeedback, light therapy, yoga, and massage. In this space, students can make use of a light therapy alcove, which mimics natural sunlight to help treat and prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, sleep rhythm disorders, and other depressive symptoms. The alcove emits 10,000 lux white light – the equivalent of daylight 1-2 hours after sunrise – while filters reduce UV exposure.

Daylight harvesting controls were incorporated throughout the center in areas with windows allowing natural light, while energy-efficient LED lighting was used in areas without.

The resulting facility won the 2015 IES Portland Award for Interior Lighting.

Image credits: Loren Nelson. 


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Photo credits to Josh Partee.


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