South Waterfront District
Environmental Exterior Lighting, Electrical Engineering, Lighting Design

Elizabeth Caruthers Park completed in 2010 is a 2 acre civic space located in the heart of the new South Waterfront District in Portland, Oregon. The boardwalks, community gathering, environmental and interactive water feature play area are all softly illuminated with energy efficient fluorescent light columns. The park’s artwork called “Song Wheels” get its inspiration from Portland’s strong bicycle community and are nestled within the park as environmental sculptures. The artwork is subtly grazed with accentuating light via energy efficient, long life LED ingrade luminaires which resonate well with the harmony produced by the wind activated chorus of chimes the artwork creates. The pedestrian walkways that traverse the park’s landscape are safely illuminated with pedestrian scaled pole mounted decorative luminaires. The walkway luminaires consume less energy, provide low glare and offer long life reducing maintenance costs over its life cycle.

Elizabeth Caruthers Park lighting design provides a shining example of Portland’s mission of sustainability through energy conservation.

Had the design team utilized traditional lighting sources the expected lighting energy demand would be approximately 5.54KW. With support from Portland Parks and Recreation, the design team provided an innovative and energy efficient lighting design solution that has an energy demand of 3.32KW. Overall the energy efficient lighting design achieves more than 40% energy saving over traditional high intensity discharge light (HID) sources such as high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH).