Reyes Engineering Explores Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Reyes Engineering is always looking for new and innovative ways to produce renewable energy. One such design involves piezoelectric energy harvesting. Piezoelectric material, often crystal, is a material that creates electricity when a change in its shape occurs. Often called “Sidewalk Power Generator,” piezoelectricity occurs through vibration or mechanical means of applying deflection which produces an electric change and can then be stored and used as a power source. Piezoelectric materials has been applied on dance floors to power lights in the building. In Tokyo, another application involves a subway system which currently has around 270 sq. ft. of piezoelectric flooring, producing around 1400 kilowatts of electricity per second, enough to power the system’s ticket gates and electric lights. The best uses of piezoelectric materials, however, may be in high traffic areas, such as roads and highways. Though it has only been tested on small scale, designers say that a typical four lane highway could produce over 2 Megawatts of power for every mile. While contractors were not able to implement piezoelectric energy harvesting into a project yet, Reyes engineering still seeks and encourages opportunities to use cutting-edge technology and innovative designs which promote sustainability, such as piezoelectric energy harvesting.

Thank You to Our First Intern, Tia Chen

Tia Chen


Tia Chen

Reyes Engineering is extremely proud of their internship program which is available for current undergraduate electrical engineering students who have not completed their BSEE. This internship provides a snapshot of real world challenges in electrical engineering. Reyes Engineering, Inc.  started this internship program last year and welcomed Tia Chen as our first intern.

“My internship with REI was great opportunity to learn from professional engineers at a firm that makes a difference in our community. At REI I was continuously learning. I got to see many different areas of the project, giving me a better understanding of how the consulting engineering world works. The staff was exceptionally friendly and willing to take the time to help me learn. I was also able to attend meetings with clients and go to different construction sites where I was able to connect my undergraduate studies to the real world.”

–          Tia Chen

While the summer internship provided a glimpse into the working world of engineering, it was a great and unique opportunity for Tia and Reyes Engineering, Inc. We are thankful to provide this opportunity and look forward supporting and inspiring our future engineers by continuing this program in the future.

Reyes Engineering’s Continues Work on Portland State University Health Center

mind spa

Portland State University “Mind Spa”
(Photos: Loren Nelson)

Reyes Engineering is proud to have been part of the design of PSU Health Center’s renovation. The project involved a 12,500-square-foot remodel of the third floor. One health service implemented was a “mind spa.” The Reyes Engineering team used LED lighting and advanced lighting control technology to carry out their mission to create sustainable design for high performance buildings while integrating their passion for creativity and beauty.


Welcoming Teresa Casper Into New Reyes Internship Program


In the last two years, Reyes Engineering has launched a new internship program in order to offer an opportunity for engineering students to use real-world applications of the studies. This internship aims to develop the skills of young engineers and provide the tools necessary to foster their futures in engineering. This year, we welcome Teresa Casper as the new intern for Reyes Engineering. She is an upcoming junior at the University of Portland. Being Portland born-and-raised, Teresa is particularly passionate about Reyes Engineering’s focus on sustainability. As an electrical engineering major, she is involved in different clubs and societies at the university, such as Society of Women Engineers and IEEE. With two years of engineering classes under her belt, Reyes Engineering is looking forward to giving her hands-on, practical engineering experience in the upcoming months.

New Hire, Navid Sharifi


Reyes Engineering is always seeking to find talented and qualified individuals to join our team of professionals. With that in mind, we are pleased to introduce Navid Sharifi, an Electrical Designer, as a recent addition to the Reyes Engineering team. Navid graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and has since had multiple years of experience as an electrical designer. His work in Arizona has given him expertise in electrical design and control system design. Moving to Portland, Navid has continued displaying his talents and passion for engineering at Reyes Engineering. We look forward to continuing to practice new advancements and applications in engineering with him. In this expanding industry, Reyes engineering is always excited to welcome and foster talented engineers such as Navid Sharifi. Once again, welcome Navid!