Myron Wiens

BIM Specialist

Credentials and Education:
Over 28 years of experience as a CAD and Revit Drafter
Degree in CAD Design, ITT Tech

Myron Wiens is the Building Information Model (BIM) Specialist. Myron has been an experienced user of the Revit Software for 5 years and has been a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) expert for 23 years. He designs and builds collaboratively using our main coherent system of computer models, Revit primarily for electrical systems. Myron works with his colleagues to ensure client project details seamlessly come together. Every client has its own standards; Myron works with the team to adapt project requirements based on client’s specifications. At work, he considers it a good day when the system begins to come together, the project starts to look like the end product, and the project completes by the deadline. Myron is proud to have contributed to the Salem Hospital and Oregon Health and Science University, where he designed electrical systems. Outside of work, Myron is passionate about hiking in the wilderness throughout Oregon, and he is an especially avid hiker of the Columbia River Gorge.