Pursuing excellence in sustainable engineering with passion and creativity.

Great care is required to deliver the quality engineering services needed in the industries we cater to. Reyes Engineering’s culture and project management approach are based on the principle of “structured flexibility.” It’s the fundamental idea that a clear plan of action that allows for opportunities for innovation are crucial to great work.

With a professional staff licensed in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska and Hawaii, Reyes Engineering stands firmly behind its commitment to provide quality services, benefiting it’s clients, employees, local communities and the environment.

Reyes Engineering is business certified as MBE, DBE and ESB.


“Small businesses make up more than 80% of all businesses in the United States. Historically, Multnomah County has done a great job in providing opportunities for small business that in turn provide economic stimulus for our region. We are proud of Multnomah County’s High Performance Green Building Policy which allows our firm to live its mission that environmentally responsible approaches to engineering are essential in sustaining our natural resources. We appreciate Multnomah County for their never-ending support of small business.”