Thank You to Our First Intern, Tia Chen

Tia Chen


Tia Chen

Reyes Engineering is extremely proud of their internship program which is available for current undergraduate electrical engineering students who have not completed their BSEE. This internship provides a snapshot of real world challenges in electrical engineering. Reyes Engineering, Inc.  started this internship program last year and welcomed Tia Chen as our first intern.

“My internship with REI was great opportunity to learn from professional engineers at a firm that makes a difference in our community. At REI I was continuously learning. I got to see many different areas of the project, giving me a better understanding of how the consulting engineering world works. The staff was exceptionally friendly and willing to take the time to help me learn. I was also able to attend meetings with clients and go to different construction sites where I was able to connect my undergraduate studies to the real world.”

–          Tia Chen

While the summer internship provided a glimpse into the working world of engineering, it was a great and unique opportunity for Tia and Reyes Engineering, Inc. We are thankful to provide this opportunity and look forward supporting and inspiring our future engineers by continuing this program in the future.